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UofA Student Posts Snapchat Bragging Her Sorority 'Got NO Niggas!!!!!'…

As new members of University of Alabama's sororities celebrated their newfound adoption into their sisterhoods this weekend, one member of the Chi Omega sorority chose to express her excitement through a Snapchat of her smiling face and the faces of two friends, subtitled with the brag "Chi O got NO niggas!!!!! [Emoji… » 8/18/14 5:30pm Monday 5:30pm

Watch Harry Potter Witch Celestina Warbeck Sing Her Biggest Hits

As any true wizard knows, it's singer Celestina Warbeck's birthday today. To celebrate, J.K. Rowling has released new intel about the famous witch on Pottermore, revealing that Warbeck was named after one of Rowling's friends because "'Celestina' was simply begging to be scooped up and attached to a glamorous witch." » 8/18/14 12:40pm Monday 12:40pm

Dora the Explorer Grows Up and Makes Human Friends

Did you know Dora the Explorer has been on the air for 14 years? Well, it has, and now the show's creators are looking to extend Dora's lifespan a little longer by introducing Dora and Friends: Into the City, a new show that will feature an older Dora. The catch? New episodes of the original show are still airing. » 8/18/14 10:20am Monday 10:20am

Brittany Murphy's Father Suggests Her Mother Killed Her

A few days after threatening to sue Lifetime for planning a movie about the life and death of Brittany Murphy, the actress's father Angelo Bertolotti has given an interview suggesting that her mother Sharon may have been responsible for Murphy's death and the death of her husband Simon Monjack. » 8/15/14 6:10pm Friday 6:10pm

Watch Frank Underwood Pretend to Be Bill Clinton on a Call to Hillary

The layers of deception that take place in this ad – which is apparently a gift for former President Bill Clinton on his 68th birthday from his wife Hillary Clinton via the Clinton Foundation YouTube channel – run too deep to really be understood. Suffice it to say that just hearing Kevin Spacey do his Frank Underwood… » 8/15/14 4:50pm Friday 4:50pm

MTV Pretends Lyric Videos Aren't Regular Videos, Gives Them an Award

MTV has done the totally thinkable and added the worst category they possibly could have added to the upcoming Video Music Awards: Best Lyric Video. Right, because what lyric videos needed was more validation that they're a thing that's different from a regular music video. » 8/15/14 2:00pm Friday 2:00pm