Lululemon's Patented Yoga Mat Has Been Deemed the Best There Is

Recently we noted Lululemon's desire to patent numerous clothing and equipment designs, including their yoga mat. Now said yoga mat has been given the stamp of approval by The Wirecutter, a website that reviews gadgets and products. » 7/29/14 4:00pm Yesterday 4:00pm

Watch Hilary Duff Act Like She's Ever Held an Office Job

Lizzie McGuire Hilary Duff is back! This musical go-round, she's trying to convince us that – like her character in the classic film Beauty & the Briefcase – she's spent so many hours trapped in an office job filing papers she desperately needs a beach vacay. Oh Lizzie Hilary. » 7/29/14 2:30pm Yesterday 2:30pm

The Bachelorette: Why Did You Make Love to Me If You Weren't in Love?

Call it televised heartbreak, call it televised slut-shaming, call it whatever you want, but to speak in Chris Harrison-approved superlatives, Monday evening's episode of The Bachelorette provoked more response than any moment on the show ever. And all because the contestants talked what they're not supposed to talk… » 7/29/14 11:20am Yesterday 11:20am

After this segment, Geraldo ended a fantastic episode by talking about his mustache. First, he explained that he considers himself "the last of the hippies." Next, he proclaimed "My mustache is older than my wife" (she is 39; he is 71). Lastly, he argued (quite blasphemously) that his mustache is better than Tom… » 7/28/14 3:34pm Monday 3:34pm

The Video for 'Girl In A Country Song' Puts the Dudes in Short-Shorts

Quickly capitalizing off the success of "Girl In A Country Song", country duo newcomers Maddie & Tae have released the video for their "groundbreaking" new pop song. As they promised, the video is a play on the country music videos their song lambasts: Maddie & Tae have switched things up and put some dudes in "… » 7/28/14 11:50am Monday 11:50am

This week, the mere existence of a trailer for a movie seemed to throw the internet into a tizzy, though we managed to cover in several original and hilarious ways. Blake Lively's very important lifestyle blog also launched. Beyoncé and Jay Z might be breaking up and everyone freaked out about it. Perhaps most… » 7/25/14 5:36pm Friday 5:36pm

The Battle for September: Vogue Wins, Lucky Loses

The thickness of the September fashion magazines has been determined and while things are looking excellent for a number of publications (Elle, Vogue, Harper's Baazar, InStyle), they're looking bleak for a couple others (Lucky, Teen Vogue). » 7/25/14 5:00pm Friday 5:00pm

America's Next Top Model Is Back Soon and So Is Miss J. Alexander

It's astounding to me that A. America's Next Top Model is still on the air, not producing top models and B. that Miss J. Alexander ever left the show and they thought it would be a success, but apparently both are true, as we learn in this new promo for the show. This 21st season premieres August 18. » 7/25/14 10:20am Friday 10:20am