I Read I Suck at Relationships So You Don’t Have To So You Don't Have To

“Hmmm...” said the man behind the counter at McNally Jackson as he looked at the book I was buying while he rang up my purchase. There was the cover, loud and proud: I Suck at Relationships So You Don’t Have To: 10 Rules for Not Screwing Up Your Happily Ever After. “It’s for work,” I responded, with a high laugh I… » 4/16/15 12:50pm 4/16/15 12:50pm

Depending on where you live, a good place to start would be with a reputable publication like New York magazine, which puts out a periodic list of the best doctors in the city, according to who doctors themselves recommend. Harper's Baazar also recently published a broader list "composed of doctors whose names… » 4/15/15 12:48pm 4/15/15 12:48pm